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How It Works

212F Talent Website gives participants a unique marketing opportunity to display their skills in a particular field on a global platform. The new app is designed as a talent show competition consisting of 10 contestants per contest. The 10 competitors will be allowed to showcase their talents in different categories such as Music, Film, Dance, Acting, Comedy, Art, Poetry, and Cosmetology

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This is a marketing and branding opportunity only.  Any contest that is marketed/advertised to award a monetary prize to the winner of said contest or any place finisher understands that no monetary prize or equal value will be awarded because this is a marketing and branding opportunity only.  


The winner will be determined by the votes casted by public viewers of the site and fans of the participants for each category. There will be no maximum number of times an individual can compete. The platform’s uniqueness allows the contestants to be viewed by celebrities, producers, and talent scouts already affiliated with 212F Talent LLC, its affiliates, and sponsors. It also allows the participant content to build their own portfolio and brand.